Thursday, 3 July 2014

How would you like to see us smoking ? What will you do if you saw us smoking? Hi my name is Summer and I am here to convince you that smoking should be banned .

Firstly, Smoking is expensive. It costs lots of money. It costs $18.00 for 20 smokes. Smoking is a waste of money. Thats why smoking should be banned.      

Secondly, Smoking is dangerous. It can kill you! There are over 4,000 chemicals in a smoke. 69 of those chemicals  causes cancer.That’s why I believe smoking  should  banned.

Thirdly,  Smoking  causes  cancer can make you get sick and maybe die. That’s why smoking should be banned.

In conclusion, I’ve  given you three great reason why smoking should be banned.
My name is Summer and I’d like to thank you for listening to my speech.


  1. WOW Summer!!! That speech is amazing. I'm sure your speech can make people banned smoking. Your speech has made me not want to smoke ever in my life.

  2. Kai ora Summer. What an amazing speech you have done about smoking. summer you are right but it can also lead to lung disease. Lung disease can also lead to a short life for people. It can Damage your lungs and can affect your heart. You can stop people smoking by telling them what can happen to them but if the say they don't care you can say well you are going to have a short life. You can be a life saver.